March 25, 2013

Old Drawer Wall Shelf

Have I mentioned how much I love New England ;) (About a million times, right?)
I picked up a few desk drawers off the side of the road about a week ago, and they were in great condition!  I've been working on a few projects with them, and this is the first one I finished.

We've had bunk beds for about 6 months, and my oldest daughter is on the top bunk.  She likes to have water, and books, and other little things up there with her - but they've never had a place to live.  She just keeps them tucked into the corners of the bed, or under her pillow :)

When I saw this drawer, I was excited to make it into a little shelf to hang up by her bed!

I painted the inside walls with a bright color acrylic paint that matches her room.  I used masking tape to create clean lines on the outer edge.  I let her pick out scrapbook paper for the back, and after cutting it to the correct size, used spray adhesive to adhere it.

If you look at the very first picture you'll see the D-ring hangers I attached to the drawer.  They hang on screws in the wall - and it feels pretty secure up there.

I LOVE repurposing things - and this little drawer looks so cute up there!  Now there is a place for all my daughter's little treasures...and she doesn't have to sleep on them :)

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  1. Very ingenious, cute and practical and special since your daughter chose the scrapbook paper.

  2. This is just brilliant - I have a crate liked up for a similar project for my eldest son, also a top bunker! This has inspired me to just get on with it and hang it already!

  3. What a great idea. I have two drawers from a nightstand with an ugly front that I wanted to take out. Now I know what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration!