August 7, 2013

DIY Chalk Sayings on Platters {tutorial}

Chalkboard paint is fun to put on just about everything!  I have put it on old windows, cabinet doors, wood blocks for my kids...  it is versatile stuff ;)

My mom had the fun idea to paint these metal platters - and then asked me if I would write movie quotes on them to hang in her media room.  They turned out awesome!  Here is a quick tutorial on how I did it:

We used chalkboard paint that you brush on - and painted a few coats.

I went on to my Silhouette software to design the lettering (you can see a screen shot below) - but you could definitely do this in a Word document.  Make an outer shape that matches the size of your platter - mine were circles and ovals, and I measured them and made a shape that exact size.  Then I knew exactly what room I had available to work with.

Above, you can see it printed out (on the left) and then cut out (on the right).  The larger sayings took two pieces of paper that I taped together.  These are your templates for tracing and getting precise, pretty lettering wherever you want it (I used this same method when I made a Christmas theme chalk board here).

Above you can see the process for tracing.
1) Rub regular chalk all over the back of the paper.
2) Place your paper exactly where you want it, hold it down firmly with one hand and trace over every line with a pen, pencil or stylus.  Try not to let your hand rub on the paper too much.
3) Carefully lift up your paper to see the chalk guide lines you have made.

My very precise lines came from using a Bistro Chalk Marker like you see above.  It is like a paint pen -- you smoosh the tip down and let the liquid chalk saturate the tip.  Then you write with it and must let it dry.  It allows for detailed work - but cleaning up mistakes can be tricky.  Certainly once it dries it is hard to get the residue completely off.  It is great for more permanent/long term chalk projects though.

It was fun to design these sayings in "chalky" fonts, and they look pretty funky on the media room wall.  Goes great with my mom's style!

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