July 25, 2013

Personalized Kitchen Sign from Old Metal MHP Sign

As you may remember, I've made fun wooden signs for each of my older daughters and have them hung in the kitchen.  They love sitting at the little table under their sign ;)
Months ago I added a metal letter "B" which I love!  When I had my 3rd daughter, I wanted to make her a sign too - and thought it would be cool to add another metal element, instead of wood.

After looking around for months for something suitable, I picked up this metal MPH sign at the antique fair for just a few bucks!  Perfect.

My baby's middle name is Skye, and we live in New England, so Boston Skye Grill was the pick for her sign!
I didn't really want to paint over the original words on the sign, so I used the back, which was blank (and beat up;) ).
I first sketched my buildings with a ruler and a pencil.  Then I used masking tape to section off the building lines that I had drawn.

The words and grill utensils I cut out with vinyl so that I could stick  them down, paint over them, and then peel them off and leave the white of the sign.  So the fork, spatula and est. 2012 are the plain white of the sign...

You can see -- it all got painted with black acrylic paint.  Pretty easy!

For the other words, I used a vinyl stencil and painted the letters in, again with acrylic paint (I have a lot of that around my house, so I use it often)...

The flames were done last, and were a stencil also.  Then I roughed up the paint a bit to match the rest of the metal:

I gave it a coat of clear protective spray, and that was it!  It is covered in dings, holes and scratches - but I love it that way!!

Now, all three of my girls have their own signs, and they all look old and battered.
Mixed in with real antiques they look pretty awesome on the kitchen wall!

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