July 9, 2013

Pullover Towel Bibs

Bibs - when you have a baby, you go through a million of them!
My sweet aunt sent us a couple of towel bibs that she made, and I love them!  
They are easy to get on and off because they pull right over the head -- no snaps or ties or anything to deal with.
They are also awesome because of the full coverage!  My little half moon style bibs don't really keep the baby clean :)  But I love how long these ones are.
Plus, they are really absorbent - great for catching spills and wiping off hands and face when she's all done.  

I bought a great big towel and was able to cut it down into 12 bibs!  I just zig-zag stitched the raw edges to keep them from fraying - a serger would be great to use if you have one.  Or, using bias tape to cover the edges would have worked too.  I also made some bibs out of hand towels so that I didn't have to cut anything.  They are not quite as thick, and are a little bigger, but I didn't have to sew the raw edges, which was nice.  

There are a bunch of tutorials on the internet, but I think this is a great one from Tracy's Treasury.  It is easy to follow - and the bibs are really pretty quick to make!  The ribbing for the neck can be purchased by the yard at the fabric store, and so the whole project is really economical.  

And she loves them!  
These make a great baby shower gift - and certainly if you have a baby, you need some for yourself!  
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  1. This is really perfect for a baby shower gift! I think I must agree with you that if someone has their baby, they must have million of bibs because bibs are one of the most needed thing of the little ones especially for mealtime and when they drool a lot or even spits up but not too much. This bibs are so cute and that little model of yours is so wonderful!

  2. Someone made these bibs for my kids 30 years ago. They are fantastic! Wipe the face and the table with it!Such a time saver!