July 1, 2013

Let's Connect!

Me and the girls...making butter!

Do you love Instagram as much as I do?!  
I want to connect with my awesome blogging friends - and now I have an Instagram account to do it!
Search for Diary of a Crafty Lady - or click here and see what this crafty lady does in between the blog posts :)

Also, you can check out DOACL on Facebook so that you don't miss the little crafts that come in between the big ones :)  IG and FB are fun and fast, and I love hearing from and connecting with all you inspirational friends!

I have new buttons in the navigation bar to get easily to Instagram, Facebook, Google+, etc. - so come over and check those out!

And just in case you've missed them, I thought I'd catch you up.
Here are a few random things I have worked on over the past few months (all from my IG or FB feeds...)
Sometimes you just need to make silly signs.  Yes, the 2nd is by the changing table...

The antique Singer I got for free on freecycle!  Thank you New England!

Love this simple handmade gift tag

Puppy Chow popcorn...yes please!

Valentine LOVE blocks - who knew a 2x4 could look so good?

The late night - hours before the birthday - crafting project.  She loved it :)

Leprechaun traps!  Who remembers making these as a kid??

April Fools Lunch - sprite instead of water, cereal instead of kindergarten mom :)

Marshmallow shooter.  Nuf said.  

What boy ISN'T a Gator Boy??

Flower pounding

My scrap buster's taking me a long time :)

So come follow me on all my crafting adventures...big and small! 

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