December 17, 2013

My Christmas Porch

I have had such a good time decorating my porch for the holidays this year.  Most of my decor is salvaged, vintage or antique, and as you can see, I love the color red!

When I took these pictures it had just snowed, so you get the added beauty of the perfectly white drifts. 
So here's what I've got...

This old toolbox was a fun find.  Just a few dollars, and because it is red I have been excited to set it out for Christmas!  It pairs with my old ladder - found free in an old house of ours - because they are both more industrial.  With some fresh greens and pinecones, it feels very festive!

This vintage lantern is my most recent acquisition.  I'd been keeping my eye out for a lantern (new or old) but hadn't found one at a reasonable price (or in a color I liked).  When I saw this one at the antique shop a couple weeks ago, (and it was 50% off!) I knew I had found my lantern!  It's a winged wheel 500, and it is safely tied to this wonderful curved stick for a fun way to display it outside!

The little "tree" is made with a tomato cage.  Turned upside down I tied (and hot glued) the three prongs together to form a point...

Wrapped it in a couple yards of burlap (above) and a couple yards of white gauzy material (below)...

I then wrapped twinkle lights around it, added a bow to the top, and now I have a funky little "tree" for outside!  I set a weight on the bottom edge because it was easily blown over.  Now it is holding up very well! (If I had had white strand lights I absolutely would have used those, but I didn't and I never got around to finding them at the store.  So green it is ;) )

The old door is probably my favorite feature.  I found this beauty and have stored it in my basement for a while.  I finally busted it out for Christmas, and decided to paint it red to match my other decor.  

I taped up the window and the hardware, and simply painted a few coats of red paint that I purchased in a little sample from Home Depot.  I didn't use outdoor paint or anything, because I didn't mind if it peeled and chipped.  And actually it hasn't done any peeling.  

I sanded the edges a bit, so that the white and green that was underneath would show through slightly.  I love how it looks roughed up and red!

I added the saying "Baby, it's cold outside" to the glass with white vinyl, and made an evergreen wreath to hang in the middle.  It is so darling, I could look at it all day!!

My antique bucket was filled with more pinecones, and I threw together a wooden star wrapped in lights to hang up high.  Now I love driving up to the house and seeing the pretty red and the twinkle lights all shining back at me.

I love using found, salvaged, vintage "junk" to decorate.  There is something so thrilling about taking a free, discarded item and making it lovely!  Christmas decorations can be so many things, and I am thrilled with the way mine turned out!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful holiday season!
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