May 9, 2014

Personalized Drawstring Bag Birthday Gift

My 7 year old daughter loves to make things (takes after her mother I guess ;))
When her best friend was having a birthday party, we wanted to make something that would be fun and useful, and my daughter wanted to help.
We got her some little toys, and to keep them all together, we decided to make her a personalized drawstring bag to hold everything!

We took a piece of muslin and my daughter drew a picture very lightly in pencil, including her friend's name.  She then took embroidery floss and used a running stitch to cover her lines in stitches.  She had a great time picking colors, threading the needle, stitching around her sketched lines, and doing it all by herself!  When she was done I ironed a piece of interfacing on the back to keep all the strings secured.

A simple tutorial for the drawstring bag can be found by clicking here.  This bag is larger than the bag in the tutorial - at about 10" wide x 13" tall.  Before sewing it all together though, I zig-zag stitched around the picture my daughter made onto one of the outside bag pieces (see above).

This bag is really simple, with only 4 pieces of fabric, all the same size.  2 for the outside of the bag, 2 for the lining.

One small difference in this bag from the tutorial is that I put 2 lengths of ribbon through the casing, so that tails were coming out either side.  Do this by starting the 2 ribbon pieces on opposite sides before winding them through.  This will make it cinch evenly as opposed to cinching from one side (though either one is fine!).

My daughter was very happy with the way it turned out, and it gave us a really fun way to deliver the birthday gift!

You could make a whole set of customized drawstring bags for your child's own little toys, or make one in any size, as a great way to deliver a gift to a friend!
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