May 2, 2014

Spring Dinner Party - Bee Anxiously Engaged

Spring is finally showing up in most parts of the country (it took a while for New England) - and to celebrate the Relief Society Birthday in March, the ladies in our church had a spring themed dinner party!

As head of the planning committee, I had a great time creating some spring decor in anticipation of the warmer weather, and blooming flowers.  Here's a look at some of the things we created!

Our theme was "Bee Anxiously Engaged" - a play on the phrase from a wonderful talk by one of the leaders of our church.  We talked about finding ways to be engaged in small acts of service, and it was a wonderful, uplifting night.

Fresh flowers graced our centerpieces.  We used yellow, black and green as our color palette, and these flowers fit in beautifully!  My friend used glass milk bottles for vases, and wrapped yellow scrapbook paper secured with adorable washi tape around them.
I added a little flag onto a chevron paper straw with stamped phrases beginning with the word "bee" ... "bee happy", "bee kind", "bee true" ... etc.

The "table runner" was made from popsicle sticks that I hot glued together into hexagon/honeycomb shapes.  Easy, inexpensive and fun!

A few weeks before our event, I grew TONS of wheatgrass in my kitchen!  I started with a few cups of wheat berries, which are very inexpensive, and followed instructions I found online to soak them and plant them.

I used tupperware and other plastic containers that I was ready to get rid of, with a little bit of dirt, and it grew out of control!!  I was afraid 3 weeks would not be enough time to grow it tall - but I had to trim it at least 3 times, and it was still 6 inches long the night of our event!

We re-potted the grass into peat pots - really cheap at the dollar store - and had enough for one at each place setting.  I love how they turned out!!

Again, my friend took her cute yellow paper and printed off a hexagon shape with our theme printed on it, and a bee picture, and attached it to the pot with the washi tape.

I printed a bunch of bee images, punched them out with a 1" circle punch, and hot glued 2 back to back with a bit of wire in between.  The bee on the wire stuck out of the dirt in each pot and looked really cute.

We set each place with a plate, napkin, and silverware.  The napkin had the silverware set on it, with a quote from the theme talk printed onto paper and wrapped around it.

Dinner was fabulous.  We made honey chicken skewers, honey glazed carrots and had volunteers bring rice and green salad.

For dessert we had a birthday cake contest - which we have done for years, and is always a big hit!

I used the same paper straws, with some hexagon shaped numbers glued on, to stick into each cake to identify them.

It is always so fun to sample a little bit of each cake, and then vote for your favorite!

The top three winners got these little goodie bags with a hand towel and honey bear inside ;)

It was a fabulous evening, and so nice to celebrate spring with friends.  Here's to all of us remembering to be anxiously engaged in helping those around us.  You never know when a small act of service, even a smile or kind word, will make a huge difference in someone's life!

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  1. It was perfect! Thanks for everything you did. We miss you.

  2. those honeycomb Popsicle sticks are mind blowing! going to have to whip some out!! pure genius!

  3. A question about your cake contest....did everyone try a bit of each or did you have judges, how did it work?

  4. A question about your cake contest....did everyone try a bit of each or did you have judges, how did it work?

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, everyone who attended the event tried any/every cake that they wanted (usually just a tiny piece of each, because there were so many). Then, each attendee voted. They may have even been able to vote for 2. It's been a long time ;)
      So, even if someone only wanted to try a few cakes, they still got to vote.
      Hope this answers your question.

  5. Thank you for sharing! I'm halfway through my planning of a similar event, and I love your wheatgrass idea. Your tables are inspiring, beautiful and best of all economic! Thanks