November 8, 2010

Copper Impression Art - a great Christmas gift!

I have a relative who is making these AMAZING copper art impressions!  Check them out at
Each piece is a hand made, original work of art - completely unique and beautiful!
They are made using pure 36 gauge copper, the image is heat treated and put through a three step chemical bath, creating a gorgeous patina that changes and moves with different reflections of light.
The image is then embossed by hand creating a 3D image.
Some images have additional paint and metal foil embellishments and highlights.
The back is then filled for support and the finished piece is spray coated with a museum quality varnish.
The whole process takes nearly a week to complete, and you can see the time, care and detail in each piece.

It fits into a standard 8x10" frame.
Check it out!  It would be a great gift for a parent, neighbor, coworker, sibling....and it goes will all kinds of decor.
Crazy that we are thinking about Christmas already:)

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