November 24, 2010

Knitting Needle Roll up Holder - Tutorial

A friend of mine asked me recently if I could make her a roll up holder for her knitting needles.  Previously, she had had them clanking around in the bottom of her knitting of course I told her I would make her one!
This pouch has twelve slots in the tall pocket, and six slots in the short pocket.  
It has a fold over and velcro top, to keep the needles from falling out.
And it rolls up and secures with a tie. 
Here's how you can make your own:

For the large pieces of fabric that make up the front and back of the pouch cut two (2) pieces of fabric each 17" wide x 20" tall.
For the tall pocket cut one (1) piece of fabric 17" wide x 9" tall.
For the short pocket cut one (1) piece of fabric 17" wide x 5" tall.

I made each of these pieces of fabric in different, coordinating colors - but you can certainly make them all the same color if you want:)

The decorative lining on the top of each pocket is made with a piece of fabric 17" wide x 2" tall.  Cut two (2) pieces of fabric 17" x 2". 

To begin, take your tall pocket (17" x 9") and, with right sides together, sew the lining piece to the top of the pocket.
 Open and press flat with an iron. 
 Fold the top edge back by 1/2" and iron.
 Fold it over once again (past the seam) and iron.  This creates the strip across the top of your pocket.
 From the front, it will look like the picture below.  Sew the folds in place by sewing as close to the seam as you can, all the way across the top of the pocket. 

Place the pocket on top of the inside piece of fabric, which measures 17" x 20".  Align the pocket and this large piece of fabric along the bottom edge as shown.  Both right sides of the fabric will be facing you. 
Pin it in place, and start marking your lines.

First, measure in 1" from each side.  I usually make a mark toward the bottom of the pocket, a mark toward the top of the pocket, connect the marks with a ruler and draw my line. 
From that 1" mark, start marking every 1.25" until you go all the way across the pocket.  You should meet up perfectly with the 1" mark on the other side. 

Do not sew along the mark 1" from each edge - but do sew along each other line (shown in red below). 

To add an additional pocket, sew the decorative edge along the top of the 17" x 5" piece, in the method previously shown. 
Line the pocket up along the bottom of the larger pocket and pin.
Using the stitching lines from the larger pocket as a guide, mark lines along every other stitch line, to make wider pockets.  Begin at the 2nd stitch line in, and mark every other stitch line. 

Then, sew up the marked lines on the smaller pocket only. 
Take a length of ribbon which will become the tie.  Fold it in half, and place the fold near the top of the larger pocket, hanging over the edge slightly, with the ribbon ends facing in. 
Pin the ribbon in place at the edge. 
Take the other 17"x20" piece of fabric, which will become the outside of the holder, and place it, right sides together on top of the entire piece that has the pockets on it. 
The ribbon will be smashed inside.
Pin very well along all the edges. 

Sew around the entire outside edge, using 1/2" seam allowance, and leaving a 3" opening along the top to turn it right side out. 
Turn the holder right side out through the hole, and push the corners out.  You could iron it very flat at this point - making sure that they opening is folded in. 
Top stitch around the entire outside edge using 1/8" seam allowance.
But sure to stitch multiple times over the section securing the ribbon to fortify it. 
In order to ensure that the needles to not fall out, the top can be flipped down.  Velcro will fasten the flap.
Sew velcro into the two top corners
Using your longest knitting needle, fold the top down and place the corresponding velcro the appropriate distance from the top.
Make sure you heat seal the ends of the ribbon, or fold them over and sew them.
Your knitting needle holder is ready to fill and roll up!
The would be the perfect gift for a knitting friend (or a crocheting friend! this pattern can be adapted to fit crochet needles as well).

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