October 16, 2011

Halloween Countdown Block Calendar

I just made a really cool costume for my daughter (pictures to come), and every day now, she has been asking how many more days until Halloween - because she can't wait to wear it!
After about 5 days of explaining how many days there were left, I decided that I had better make her a Halloween Countdown Calendar...

I think you can find these unfinished wooden kits at the craft store - but mine actually came from the Kid's Workshop that they do the first Saturday of every month at Home Depot.  If you have kids - I definitely recommend trying out the workshop!  It is free, and out of the house, and they can paint and glue and hammer to their heart's content (without you having to clean up!)...

I painted mine with acrylic paint, and sanded the edges to distress it.  I also glued on the wire and bats to add some height and make it more Halloweeny :)

The wording and numbers are made from vinyl - and if you are making your own block countdown calendar, it is good to know that with only 2 blocks you have to put the numbers in a very specific order!  One block has the numbers 012357 and the other block has the numbers 012468 (and the 6 becomes a 9 when flipped upside down). 

Besides being a really cute Halloween decoration, it is helping my daughter visually learn the progression of time and days, and she loves finding the right numbers each day :)

We can't wait for Halloween!
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  1. so cute my daughter and grands love counting the days down they would love your counter:) come see me at

  2. I really like how that turned out~ I love how you painted the sides, and that font style is so great! Such a great idea to help your little one get through the loooong wait 'til Halloween!

  3. I need this for my son! His favorite holidays in order are Halloween, Christmas and Easter!
    Thank you so much for the fabulous idea!
    Kindest regards,

  4. Great idea! I love how you can easily adapt the project to any ocassion- thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from TT&J

  5. This is a wow project. I love it. I really wish I could find this block calendar kit. All the ones available that are remotely close are not as nicely designed as this one. I would probably order 10-20 if anyone knows who I can purchase the unfinished kits from.