October 11, 2011

Personalized Note Pad

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My daughter recently went to a little friend's birthday party.  We love giving art supplies as gifts, and got her some magic writing markers, and some other small things. 
Instead of including a coloring book, I thought it would be fun to make a personalized pad of paper!  At their age, it is so fun to see their name in print - and my daughter loves to make her own pictures, instead of always coloring in a coloring book.

And, these are really easy to make!

1) I took some nice thick paper and printed "made by [name]" on the bottom of both halves - so that I could cut my paper into 2 pieces...
I made this pad of paper tall and skinny, but you could make any size pad of paper - even really small pieces would be fun.  I just typed the words into a word document in the correct place based on where I wanted to cut the paper...

2) Line up the stack of pages and clamp them tightly together.  You could use binder clips for this too.

3) Buy rubber cement (I found this at Target in the office supplies aisle).

4) Paint 3 - 4 coats of rubber cement on the top edge of the stack of papers.  Let the glue dry completely before painting the next coat. 

And it is that simple!  The paper stays together and each page rips off the stack cleanly and easily. 

So go make a little friend happy with their own personalized pad of paper - or make one for your girl friend for her birthday, with a pack of colorful pens - or just make one for yourself!  They are addicting :)

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  1. Love love love!!!!! Making them as a little added fun for Christmas! Thanks-