July 28, 2012

Kitchen Wind Chime

I've had a picture on one of my Pinterest boards for a while - a darling wind chime made with odds and ends - from a blog called Blogesteix

When my mom was in town last week, we did a bunch of projects together (she is an amazingly crafty person too!) and this was one of them.  We gathered all sorts of odds and ends to make a kitchen wind chime - some antique things, some discarded things...and I love the way it turned out!

We got this donut cutter for the top from a kitchen store. I later found an old orange juicer top that is the same size, with holes, that I will use to make another one. I would have loved a vintage cookie cutter for the top, but this was inexpensive easy to find.

I used my drill and a tiny drill bit to zip holes around the outside of the cutter.  5 holes in the outer ring and 3 holes in the inner ring - spaced somewhat evenly :)

Next comes the "odds and ends" part.  We found little glass squiggles on mega sale at the craft store.  I pulled out some buttons and beads that I had lying around, and then went rummaging through my kitchen drawers and junk drawers. 
I found a little spoon, an antique bottle opener, an unused pour spout - all small kitchen items that I knew would be perfect for my wind chime!
Using silver colored copper wire (also from the craft store) we made lots of whimsical twirls and wound strands of our odds and ends to hang from each hole in the donut cutter. 

Right now it is hanging near my kitchen sink, and I really love the color and charm. 

My mom also made one inspired by this picture here.  We think it looks like a jellyfish :)

Aren't wind chimes so happy!?
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  1. Super fun and cute, and the added bonus of making the craft with your mom:)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is soooo fun! I love the colors and the modern feel of cool are those squiggles?! I could totally see this on sale in an artsy shop! Would you pretty please consider sharing it here at my party?

  3. I love wind chimes, and these are especially cute! What great fun it must be to have your mom to craft with! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Fabulous! I love all the color! Thanks for sharing!

  5. They are looking very cute and super cool

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