July 15, 2012

Summer Activities with the Kids

I have a board on Pinterest with crafts to do with my kids, and it has been fun over the last week to pick out a few easy things to do. 
In the picture above I let the girls toss a few toys in a tupperware, filled it with water, and stuck it in the freezer.  The next day, it was over 90 degrees outside, and we all went out and they got to hammer on their ice to their heart's content!  The toys eventually popped out of the ice, and we all felt a little bit cooler with bits of ice flying around :)
Inspiration for this activity was found here at Counting Coconuts.

Another good hot day activity -- anything to do with soapy, sudsy water :)  I had the girls washing toys with toothbrushes - they loved it!  We also washed the car, and washed the kitchen walls together (both done in swimsuits).  They girls had so much fun getting as wet and soapy as they wanted - and I ended up with a much cleaner house!!

This one took a tiny bit of prep, only because I had to collect TP and paper towel rolls for a few weeks.  We ended up with a cool marble run that provided quite a bit of entertainment!
The girls colored the tubes with crayons, and I cut them up and taped them to the front of the fridge.  We had a couple runs going so they could race their marbles - and left a bowl at the bottom to catch them as they dropped. 
Inspiration for this craft was found here at Family Fun

Hope you are all having a fun summer!  Hop on over to my Pinterest board for more ideas - and let me know what your favorite summer activities have been!

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  1. Such fun ideas! What did I do last year without Pinterest?! :) Loved your baby shower ideas too. Super cute. Congrats on Baby girl #3! Three girls are fun!!