July 8, 2012

Patriotic Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

Happy 4th of July!!

Okay, I realize that I am a bit late :)  We have been out of town, with relatives visiting, and I finished these great t-shirts during a spare moment I had in between trips - so I am just now, barely, sitting down to my computer! (BTW, yes, I am 6 months pregnant in this picture...girl # 3 - here she comes!)

As soon as I saw these 4th of July Tie Dye T-shirts on The Creative Vault blog, I knew I wanted to make them!  Click over there for a great tutorial.  All you need are white t-shirts, blue and red rit dye, and rubber bands/marbles for the tie-dye part.

And let me tell you - they were a hit!  The girls looked so great gallivanting all across Boston in these shirts, and we got quite a few comments.  It was really fun for all of us to match :)

Want to see some of the fun things we did??
The Tall Ships were visiting Boston over the 4th of July - and they were such an awesome sight!  And I loved taking pictures of my patriotic kiddos. 

These two adorable officers were from Ecuador (above) and Indonesia (below).  Their ships were filled with amazing colors and references to their home countries...

These shirts were even good for hangin' around by the harbor...

They hid the stains well :)  Can't see the pizza sauce and greasy fried dough finger marks, can you?? ;)
If you ever have the chance to be along the Charles River in Boston for the 4th of July fireworks - I hope you do it!  We sit on the Cambridge side of the river, and listen to the Boston Pops through the loud speakers - it is spectacular!

I have a feeling the kids will like wearing these shirts through the summer -- they are unique and fun.  And really, there are plenty of reasons to be patriotic, even after the 4th!

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  1. Lindsay, how adorable!! I love the T-shirts and the pictures of your fun 4th of July! You're awesome!

  2. Cute shirts! Congrats on the baby news:)