September 16, 2012

Halloween Projects of the Past

Today was my birthday (woohoo!) and my present to myself was to put up my Halloween decorations :)  It was fun, and festive, and I love getting ready for fall!
I made a few new things today - but since I haven't taken pictures yet, I thought I would do a recap of some of my favorite Halloween projects from past years...

Made this Spider Clock with an old clock face, vinyl spider webs and plastic spiders.

This Countdown Block Calendar was a raw wood calendar that I painted and embellished.

My Directional Wooden Post Sign is fun for outdoor decor - and let me use my beloved mitre saw :)

I get a chuckle every time I pass this Broom Parking Sign.  I have a Silhouette I could use now, but at the time I made this, I painted these words by hand.  Click the link to see how.

These simple Burlap Wrapped Glass Silhouettes add a lot of Halloween spirit to the room!

A family favorite, click here for a tutorial for Smashed Wicked Witch Legs.

This Felt Trick or Treat Bag was my first.
I've also made a Pizza Planet bag, an Etch-A-Sketch bag, and I'm sure I'll be making new ones to match our theme this year - so stay tuned!  This is a fun way to personalize your child's costume!

Hope you all enjoy getting into the Halloween spirit! 

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