September 23, 2012

Quick Halloween Projects 2012

Each year I add on a little bit to my existing holiday decor.  I have some Halloween decorations already that I love (check out this post here for a recap of Halloween projects from the past). 

All of these projects I did in just one day (it was my birthday, so I allowed myself to completely check out and craft all day :) )
Even so, they are all quick and manageable in short amounts of time - which is great for feeling accomplished!

I made a few different pillow covers.  I love changing out the covers for the holidays - and this is a really inexpensive and quick way to make a room festive!  I used leftover canvas from this project, and with freezer paper stencils and black paint, these pillow covers were born...

The pillows above were inspired by these ones at Chapman Place Blog.  Darling.  I intentionally sewed these with raw edges - I figured they looked festive that way.  So, they are simply 3 pieces of fabric, a large front piece, and 2 slightly smaller back pieces, sewn into a pocket.  I made these ones in a similar style - if you want to see more detail. 

This pillow below is also sewn pocket style, but turned right side out so that the raw seams aren't showing.  This was inspired by the printable found here.  I used the trace feature in my Silhouette program to make another freezer paper stencil.

This darling printable came from Less Cake More Frosting.  I sized it to fit over the glass of an existing frame in my house.  I simply taped it over the glass and left it hanging where it is normally.  There are tons of free Halloween Printables out there - and if you use them to cover up existing pictures in your house, it is fast for decorating. 

I typed up the saying below after seeing this pin.  Pretty funny.

The bats are simply black vinyl cut with the Silhouette and stuck on the light fixture like regular stickers.  This idea came from this post at Crap I've Made.   (Yes, all these project inspirations are on my Halloween Pinterest Board - are you sensing my love for Pinterest:)?)

And finally, this old frame got new spooky life with neon spiders and a twine spider web.  I saw a web frame here (which would also be darling as a door "wreath") and used the idea to fill a blank space in my dining room.  A little hot glue made this project fast.  If I had had white string around, I would have used that, but all these projects were done with materials I had around the house - so twine it was. 

I hope you are all enjoying the coming Halloween season - and if you feel like changing up your decor a bit - try one of these fun projects.  It'll be faster than saying 'BOO!' ;)

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