January 26, 2013

Easy Handmade Gifts

Here is a final roundup of little Christmas gifts I made this year....

These packets of goodness are quick and easy, and they make particularly good fillers for gift bags and boxes.  Cut circles out of a brown paper bag, sew two together, 3/4 of the way around, put a few pieces of small candy in through the hole and then sew the hole shut.  If you want, stamp a word onto the paper bag before you fill it with candy.  Yum!

The tutorial for these luggage tags can be found here at 2 Little Hooligans.  The tutorial is easy to follow, and makes a sweet gift for any traveler.  I even made a few out of old ties...

I've posted about these before, but I wanted to show you the new ones I made.  These are fun gifts for the young people in your life.  They are whimsical and funny, and adding the ribbon for hanging it from the bedpost makes it really easy for the Tooth Fairy to come :)

Take a look at the other ones I made here - along with the link for the original post about them. 

Happy Gifting!
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