January 22, 2011

Hip and Modern - Family Name Wall Hanging

I love these collages of letters!
I have spent time taking some of my own pictures - and created things like this:
I saw this post over at Under the Table and Dreaming and went to take a look at These Photo Collections - and let me tell you, they are overwhelmingly amazing!
I picked out letters to spell our family name, and it looks great in a frame on the bookshelf.

For a quick how-to on making your own - here you go:
1) Go to the photo collection, and pick out the images you like - letters spelling your name, etc.  When you find one you want, right click on it, and select "save picture as..".  Save the images in a file, under names you will recognize.

2) Open a Power Point document, and insert each of the images that spell whatever you are spelling, one by one.  Resize them by dragging the in the corner (see below) - and make them a small manageable size. 

3) Arrange all the letters/images next to each other nicely.  Some overlap, and you have to move them around until you are satisfied.
Just as I did, seen here:

4) Select all the images and then right click.  Chose "Save as Picture".
Save it in a folder you can find, under a name you will recognize, and depending on what kind of file you want to make, change the selection dropdown menu.  I often choose .jpg. 

5) Your block of letters is now its own single image, and it can be uploaded to your favorite photo printing site and printed!

There are so many images available - it is definitely hard to choose!  It would be fun to make one for each of your children, with their names, or write the word "KITCHEN" and hang in above the stove...really, anything spelled this way would look cool!
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  1. This is such a neat project... I just spent a couple of hours setting mine up and sending it off to be printed. Thank you so much for this great idea!

  2. This is awesome! Excellent tutorial :D I would be honored to have you add it to my blog party

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  3. That is so cool! I've wanted one of those family signs for a long time, but I thought I'd have to actually go take he pictures. Thanks for the tutorial!

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  5. Blog hopping today and found your wonderful blog. Wishing you a happiness, Katherine

  6. These are pictures?? Really neat!