January 1, 2011

Necklace made with all sorts of Antiques

I love the antique store.  Going there is like an overload for the senses, because there is so much to see, and so much potential!
I wanted to make my 20 year old sister a gift, and when I started picking up small things in the antique shop, I decided they would go together to make a cool, funky necklace. 
The typewriter keys are antique (I used "2" "Shift Key" "?"...Thought it was cute.  It would also have been cool with her initials), the keys are antique...the coin is a french laundry coin from the early 1900's...and the bell is a dog tag from the year of her birth. 
I picked up the chain and faux leather cord at the craft store, along with some jump rings and a clasp.  Then, using the jump rings, I positioned each item along the chain.
I tied a knot in the cord at the chain ends, and then attached a clasp at the other ends. 
It is a really fun, unique accessory, and my sister looks adorable in it!

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  1. Cool necklace, Lindsay! I bet your sister was happy when you handed her your present. I’m also fond of collecting antique items, but sad to say, I’m selfish about them. Those are my treasures! Haha!