January 22, 2011

Thumbprint Hanging Clay Charms

I love my kids, in case you couldn't tell:)  When I saw this post over at A Girl and a Glue Gun, I thought it was so adorable!
I know people who keep their kid's handprints hanging up in their house, and this is kind of a spoof on that...
I rolled some fimo/sculpey clay out to about 1/4", and cut out a star with cookie cutters, and had my 2 girls press their thumbs into the middle.  The clay needs to be really warm and soft for this!
Then, I decorated their little thumbprints to look like them...with their initials, and with a skewer, punched a hole in the top.  Then I baked them, and strung them - and now they will make cute little decorations to hang on my car's rear veiw mirror!

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