December 28, 2010

Casserole Dish Carrier

After I had decided that I wanted to make etched glass serving dishes for my sister for Christmas, I found this great tutorial for a casserole dish carrier!  A fun combination gift, to give a carrier, and the personalized pan that fits inside. 
You must follow the directions very carefully, but the tutorial is very nicely written.  The finished product is so great! 
You can see in this picture below what it looks like with a pan inside:
This is the whole thing open.  I used different colored fabric for the inside and outside of my carrier.
For my sister, who takes food to friend's and relative's houses often, this was a perfect gift.  And I have to say, I felt very accomplished after finishing it!
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  1. very colorful. Saw something similar for making sandwich wrappers on a craft show. They recycled old plastic shopping bags to make the interior 'fill' by cutting them out flat and ironing them together between sheets of wax paper. Using it for something this size would recycle a lot of bags. =D