December 8, 2010

Sweet Smelling Sachet Hand Warmers

Recently, there was a post here about how to make sachets filled with lavender.  I really liked the idea, especially because there are a couple dozen women in my life that I would like to give a little something to as a holiday gift.  I ended up filling mine with rice, infused with essential oil - which makes them cheaper and more versatile!
These are simply 2  pieces of 6" x 6" fabric, sewn right sides together with a little opening to flip them right side out and fill them.  Very simple, and easy to embellish! 
All the embellishments are added before the two sides are sewn together.
I used rick rack for some of the edges...
ruffled ribbon or ruffled fabric down the middle...
twirled fabric flowers...
Then, I filled them with plain white rice, which I had doused in a few drops of essential oil. 
I found the essential oil at Whole Foods Market (I used grapefruit and lavender/tangerine).  I put about 2.5 cups of rice in a quart ziplock bag, and added about 5 drops of essential oil.  Then I shook it up really well. 
Each sachet got 2/3 cup of rice inside.  Then I machine stitched the opening closed. 
Each sachet is different and pretty - most have a different color fabric on each side. 
I am including a little note to each person that I am giving these to, telling them a few different things they can do with their sweet smelling sachets, like:
Put them in your drawers to make your clothes smell nice...
Warm one in the microwave for 1 minute and use it as a hand warmer...
Use a warm one to put under your covers at the foot of your bed to warm up the blankies before you get in!...
Put hot pots on them and use them as a trivet...
etc. etc. 
I am just loving this as a gift:)

I also made another shabby chic headband for my friend.  I love how it turned out!
 Check out my tutorial here if you want to make your own!

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  1. Cute! I always have cold hands in the winter.

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  2. Saw your link up on Tatertots and Jello.
    Those are so pretty, I love the embellishments!

  3. I have made rice bags before and I love them, but I never thought to infuse them with scent! That is a great idea! Thanks for linking up with Theme Party Thursday!

  4. I love the hand warmers! And the fact that you made them smell good is great!