December 26, 2010

Ride a Horsey - Horse on a Stick

My daughter LOVES horses. This summer was her first experience, when she rode a pony at our town day. Then, the next time she saw the carousel downtown, she freaked out, and exclaimed our favorite phrase to date:
"Wa' Wide-a Ho-see!"
(Wanna Ride the Horsey!)
We make her say it all the time:)

When I was a kid, I had one of these Ride-a-Horseys, and it seemed like a perfect gift for my little daughter!
I followed the tutorial I found for a sock horse here at The Napping House.

 I found socks at Target: Women's, Cotton, Pretty Thin, Earthy/Neutral Colors, Says they fit size 4-10, Maybe mid-calf length. 
The rest were scraps I had at home. 
The ears are felt. 
The mane is just flannel for me.  The tutorial says use "fabric" for the mane - and I am not sure what kind she meant.  Her fabric is double sided - meaning it looks the same from both sides.  Mine is not.  It definitely has a back side, however I didn't mind this.  I used 1 strip of fabric, twisted it and glued it down - not 2 strips twisted together.  I felt that the flannel was too thick for that. 
At first I wanted to sew it all together - because I have this thing about sewing being more permanent, and not wanting to wait for glue to dry:)  But hot glue worked great!  It does take a lot of hot glue though, and getting the ears to stay up was a challenge!  Not so much that I wouldn't suggest doing it, but just keep in mind it takes a lot of glue, and an understanding that it probably will not look exactly as you envisioned it from the beginning:)
 I used a 3/4" dowel, cut to the length that will fit into my suitcase to get it home:)
 My daughter seems to love it....though most of the time it gets carried around like a dolly:

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  1. That is fantastic. Ms. Diva is busy carrying her newest stuffed horse (from her stepbrother) everywhere like a dolly pressed up to her face. It is almost as big as her, LOL!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is soo adorable and what a great way to upcycle a sock and an old broom handle! I love it.. and your little is soo sweet carrying it around! Hope you will share with my Pink Hippo Party @

  3. SO cute! I have been looking for a tutorial on just this same thing! I made a Jessie costume for my little bug and was going to attempt a stick-horse! I'm so glad I saw this at the Stinkin' Cute Link Party!
    I do hope you will come link this up to my weekly Thursday through Sunday Making It With Allie link party! I think it would make a fabulous addition!

  4. Just swinging back to tell you I'm featuring this as one of the Making It With Allie Features this week! Come on by and grab a button!