December 27, 2010

Etched Glass Baking Dishes

My mom and I had a great time etching a bunch of glass dishes for our family and friends this year.
Glass etching is done with a cream that you buy in a bottle at the craft store (rather spendy, so use a coupon if you can!).  It permanently etches the glass in a matter of minutes!
I gave my sister a set of dishes along with a casserole dish carrier that I had sewn. 
My cousin got a pie plate along with the movie "The Waitress" - hence the quote "bad baby pie" on the pie plate....funny movie if you havn't seen it. 
It was a fun project for us to do together, and it is very fun to give personalized gifts!
We had vinyl cut with the last names of people we wanted to give gifts to - and sayings to get etched on as well. 
"Eat Me" - went to my silly sister in law.
"Bad Baby Pie" - to my movie loving cousin
"Made With Love" - went to my always-baking sister.
You get the idea. 
Some we just did first or last names, for a more elegant look. 
My mom also gave a set with last names as a wedding gift.
For some other great blogs that have given tutorials and have great pictures, go here to Nursery Rhymes and Sweet Times and here to Make it and Love it.
These are some in progress pictures:

Vinyl pressed right onto the outside of the glass dish became like a stencil for the glass etching cream

Some tips after doing a bunch of these:
1) Make sure you clean the glass with window washing spray after you put the vinyl on.  Fingerprints hinder the glass etch cream.
2) I would suggest putting the cream on even thicker than in this picture above!  I had to re-do some after rinsing off the cream, because I could tell that it wasn't even, and some spots had not been etched nearly enough. 
3) I dont think you can leave the cream on too long, so we left our cream on for half an hour or so. 
4) If you are worried about getting the vinyl centered (like me), use a dry erase marker to make marks, measured from the edges of the dish you are working with.  They will act as guides, and wash right off.
5) If you do a pie plate, have the vinyl cut in mirror image, so that you can etch onto the BOTTOM of the dish (keeping the actual pie crust off of it), but you can still read it when looking through the TOP of the dish. 

My mom made a few glass water pitchers, which turned out beautifully.  They were incredibly difficult for her to put on though, because of the curved glass.  As you can see, she cut slits to try to make the letters lay flat.  On some, she just put a single large letter (for the first letter of the last name), which was easier to apply, and also looked very cool!

As I said, this was a fun project, and everything looked GREAT when we were finished! 
I definitely recommend that you go make some!!

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  1. These are great. I love the movie the waitress, that was so neat to put that on the pie plate.

  2. Love these! Do you remember what font you used for "Connolly"? Simple. Perfect!

  3. How & where did u get the vinyl lettering done? I'd love to do this but have no clue how or where to get all the supplies from. I'd love to maybe try this on a glass window or frame as well.

  4. Where did you get the vinyl cut for this project? Such a great idea!!

  5. Print the word or name you want on your computer, 100's of fonts to choose from and
    the sizes can be adjusted. Then cut the letters
    out of clear contact paper (Walmart). Works just as well.

  6. "The Waitress" - hence the quote "bad baby pie" on the pie plate....funny movie if you havn't seen it. window vinyl lettering

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