February 25, 2012

Child ID Tag on Shoelace - made from a Pop Can!

Okay, so call me protective, but a few days before we were going on our recent family vacation, I started to worry about the possibility of my kids getting lost.  Neither of them have our phone numbers memorized - and even if they did, would they be coherent enough to remember them when they were surrounded by strangers?

I know that people make ID bracelets, and necklaces, and all sorts of things - but I wanted something that we didn't have to remember to put on each day, and wouldn't itself be lost.

So, I decided to put a little ID tag on their shoes - and being the DIY/Repurposer that I am, I decided to make it out of a pop can!

I had some left over pop can pieces from this project, and to make this ID tag, you only need a tiny piece of the can.  This one was about 1" long and 1/3" wide. 

As you can see below, I cut a little oval, so that it followed the curve of the can, such that the ends curled down.

Because I used a dark colored can, I spray painted it white:

Then, I printed onto regular paper "If I am lost call: [name/phone#]" - like you see below.  I cut the paper to the exact shape of the pop can and used spray adhesive to make the paper stick to the can.  The font was really small, because I needed space on the ends to make holes - but still legible. 

Using a rivet tool I have, I punched 2 holes - 1 on each end of the oval - so that I could thread the shoe lace through the holes.  Then, I covered it with one coat of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, which dries clear and makes it a little bit harder, so that the words were protected. 

Now, they are not indestructible.  I tried making one of these for my younger daughter's velcro shoes - and it did not last a day.  It tore off where the holes were. 
But the one I threaded onto the shoelace worked great!!  I lasted a couple of weeks before the pop can was bent and broke near the holes.  Definitely long enough to last our vacation. 

As you can see, I pulled 1 side of the shoelace out of a few holes, and then threaded it through the ID tag before lacing the shoelace back up.  It was far enough down the shoe that it didn't flex much, and never came unthreaded each day as we put the shoe on and tied it.  I was very pleased!  And I had peace of mind knowing that at least one of my children had our phone numbers attached to them at all times.  The other got buckled into the stroller :)
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  1. Stopping by from the Pink Sundays Hop!

  2. This is a genius idea! It's a known fact that if a child gets kidnapped, the shoes are the hardest things to change on a kid, which is why if your kid gets lost one of the first questions any store clerk will ask you is what shoes are they wearing. This is so smart, and hard to lose! Thanks for sharing!