February 10, 2012

Clothes pin Clip Board for Winter Stuff

This was a guest post I did a few weeks ago - and I can tell you that it is still working great!
So - here is the original post:
We live in New England - and we love it!  But with the early snow fall this year, we had to bust out the gloves, scarves and hats before we had even finished Trick or Treating!
Of course that meant that not only are candy wrappers and Halloween costumes littering the floor - but all the winter clothes are too...
We have hooks by the door for their coats - which they are very good about hanging up - but all the rest had no home, and so, I decided to fix that!

One of my favorite things is the scrap pile of wood at Home Depot.  Didn't know they had a scrap pile?!  Well they do!  And you can get great wood for really cheap there.  There is rarely a wood project I do anymore that isn't made with wood from the scrap pile!  (It also means that if I mess up - no big deal!)

So, I took a piece of pine, about 5' tall and 3" wide, and sanded it really well.  Then, I painted and mod podged it until it looked like this....
I used acrylic paint and scrap fabric - but you could mod podge on scrapbook paper, or even just leave it a natural wood color.  I figured that since it was going to hold the kid's clothes - it would be fun to have bright colors.

I also decorated about a dozen clothes pins (these are also very inexpensive at the hardware store!)  I mod podged fabric onto one side, but you could paint these, or leave them natural wood as well.

With a hot glue gun, I glued the clothes pins onto my board at intervals, leaving a couple of inches in between each one...

And that was it!  Hats, gloves, scarves - all hang easily from the clothes pins!

With a piece of hanging hardware attached to the back, I hung mine by the back door, within easy reach as we are heading out...

It is easy for my kids to use, so they can get their things themselves (and put them back themselves!).

And hopefully, we won't be dealing with as many lost hats, gloves and scarves this winter!!

And there you have it!  A very easy, very useful project!
It's funny, because we have had a record breaking lack of snow so far this year (knock on wood) - and haven't used the winter stuff all that much this year....but it is still nice to have this stuff handy :)

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  1. So handy and very creative! You are an amazing niece!

  2. This is so cute! I absolutely love the paint colors and stripes, too.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is such a great idea! Our winter stuff lives on a shelf in a closet and every time we try to get one thing all of the other things fall on the floor. We often go without rather than deal with it. lol. This is such a practical way to keep things neat and tidy. This would even work great hung in the closet - it would keep stuff handy and free up the shelf space.

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