September 8, 2013

Bibs in Bags and Making Mom's life Easier!

A while back, I made a bunch of these Towel Bibs for my babe - and they are fantastic!  But, being the busy mom that I am, I have found that lately I am negligent in actually putting them ON the baby at meal time ;)

I usually just plop her in the high chair, give her some finger food (which she loves!) and go about making dinner for the rest of us, or doing the dishes, or something else in the kitchen.  I don't take the time to go into her room to get a bib.

This inevitably backfires on me - because of course her clothes get so messy that I have to go into her room anyway, to put her in a new outfit!

Then, I got a brilliant idea...

A long while back, I made these cool Quilted Grocery Bag Holders - which I use constantly.  When I made them, I had so many bags that I needed two.  Now that I'm more diligent about using reusable bags, I get fewer plastic bags, and only need one.  So what do you think I decided to do with the other bag holder?!

You got it!  I stuck all my bibs into the other bag holder!!  I have ZERO drawer space in my kitchen for bibs, so this plan seemed like a genius way to get the bibs out of the drawer in the bedroom, and into the kitchen!  I hang them in the nook where I hang my aprons... awesome.  

And just for a little added insurance...I stuck myself a note under the clear plastic high chair tray cover.   Along with some other pictures for baby to look at (which hello, why didn't I think of this before?!) I'm totally stoked. 

Here's to being creative, and getting more use out of those bibs!

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