September 28, 2013

Halloween Bat Wreath {Easy & Inexpensive}

Are you as into wreaths as we are?  
My girls like to have a wreath hanging from their bedroom door - and because they are SO easy and inexpensive to make, we often change up the wreath for the season or holiday.  

What makes them so inexpensive and easy you ask??
For every wreath I make I use a $1 foam tube from the plumbing section of the hardware store as a wreath form.  They are awesome!  If you get the kind made for 1/2" tubing, they curve very nicely - and you can make the circle any size you want (I usually get 2 wreaths out of 1 length of tubing) - just cut it where you want it, and tape the ends together with packing tape.  Easy!

For this bat wreath, we wrapped the whole thing in yarn.  This is where my daughter is an invaluable helper!!  She helps me wind it around, I hot glue every few twists, and we get it done fast!

We made the moon and the bats out of construction paper, and I used a few pieces of wire to make some of the bats stand up.  The wire pokes into the foam easily and a dab of hot glue helps everything stay put.  Hang it with a loop of ribbon and you're done!

Wasn't that easy?  
Now you can go to town and have fun!

Check out some of the other wreaths I've made using foam tubing:

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