September 26, 2013

Halloween Welcome Sign

As a birthday present to myself this year, I started putting up Halloween decorations in September ;)  As I've been getting things set up, I've also done a few quick projects that I want to share.

I saw this Halloween Canvas over at Eighteen25 blog, and thought the saying was darling.

So, I made my own Welcome to our Haunted Home sign - but instead of canvas, I used an old reclaimed piece of wood, and paint.

I used vinyl as a stencil, but if you want to paint this by hand - check out the tutorial for this Broom Parking Halloween sign I made without a vinyl stencil.

I started with an inverted type of image (below) - but wasn't sure I liked it, so I flipped the board over and painted it again with the opposite color (above).  In other words, in both cases I painted the black paint over vinyl - I just switched whether the house and words were covered in vinyl, or not.
So now I can choose which side to display! A quick rub with some sandpaper makes them look even more rough and Halloweeny ;)

What do you think?  Are you getting Halloween decorations out yet?  
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