September 14, 2013

Magnet Fanatic

A while back we had a craft night with a bunch of friends, and one of the things we did was make magnets.  It is no secret that I love making magnets (and giving them as gifts).

Case in point - I've made and blogged about:
Mini Polaroid Magnets
Yardstick Magnets
Faux Rock Magnets made from Clay
Bottle Cap Magnets and Here
A Dishwasher Magnet
Mustard Container Pen Holder Magnet

Well, here are a bunch more cute magnets that I have made and wanted to share.  And honestly, magnets for your fridge can be as simple as e6000 gluing a super strong magnet on the back of a happy meal toy.  It is fun when you get creative :)

First of all: Puzzles.  My favorite magnets are probably these ones that I made out of puzzles.  Above is a great USA puzzle.  States are grouped onto puzzle pieces, which makes the magnets a perfect size.  I simply glued a rare earth magnet to the back of each piece.  Now my kids have fun taking it apart and putting it back together -- and it's educational ;)

You've all seen (or have) these puzzles made for kids, where each puzzle piece fits into a hole of the same shape, and has a little peg on it.  These make AWESOME magnets.  I was inspired by this pin on pinterest, and made some magnets out of a vintage fruit puzzle.  I love them in the kitchen.  BTW, thrift stores are a GREAT place to find these puzzles!

Have a puzzle with a bunch of missing pieces?  Repurpose those leftovers into magnets!  Inspiring Creations has a great tutorial.  I used book page paper, scrapbook paper, distress ink, stickers, was fun!

Aren't clothespins an awesome invention?  They have so many uses - not to mention the fact that they are inherently darling.  I took a few, painted them different colors with acrylic paint, and started gluing stuff on.  I glued paper, fabric, buttons, ribbon... I stuck stickers, wrapped string.  I love these, because you can clip pictures and notes IN the clothespin, or use them as a traditional magnet.  As with all of these, simply use super glue (like amazing goop) to glue a magnet onto the back.

Couldn't be any more simple than this.  Glue a magnet to the back of buttons.  Since I have a few 1" buttons that I don't know what to pin on, why not use them on the fridge instead?

Game pieces make really cool magnets.  Here are my scrabble ones (fun for writing messages too) - and a LEGO magnet I made on a whim.  

A while back, I had some little mosaic tiles laying around - and painted letters on them to spell my daughter's name.  With a little clear protective spray on the top, they have lasted a long time!

And last but not least - washi tape magnets.  Jumped on the craze (if you count my 4 rolls of washi tape as jumping on...).  It is really cute stuff - I'll give them that.  Check out my inspiration here at Twirling Betty.

By the way - ebay is a great place to buy rare earth magnets in bulk - because let's face it, you can never have too many magnets.  Right?

And guess what?  I have even more magnet inspiration on my Magnet Pinterest Board!  Go check that out too - and then make yourself some magnets!!
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