April 12, 2010

Vinyl/Oilcloth Re-usable Lunch Bag

I was using brown paper bags for my lunch, and wanted something small but reusable.  So I found this tutorial, and adjusted it to my needs.
I didn't want to buy oilcloth online, and couldnt find any local stores that sold it.  However, I found a local craft store that had what they called "oilcloth" but which was really vinyl with a cotton backing - something you would traditionally use to make a picnic tablecloth. 
I used this, and it actually works great because it is slightly insulated now. 
I just sewed 2 pieces, wrong sides together, first - so that the inside and outside of the bag would show the pattern/right side of the vinyl fabric, hiding the cotton underside.
I also added velcro to hold it closed.  One set to hold it shut at the top, and another set to keep it folded down.
I have been using it for many months and love it!  I can wipe it out if something spills on the inside, and I feel good about doing something "green":)

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