April 5, 2010

Painted Wooden Drawer Pulls

My daughter's dresser was missing a knob, and I wanted to make some replacements that were colorful and customized.  So I went to my local unfinished furniture store, and they gave me some leftover drawer knobs (with hardware!).  I really want to make more though, and they don't sell them individually, so I am going to have to find another source.
I painted each with a pastel base coat.  Then, I just free-hand painted some "princess" scenes, since the knobs were for my girl's room.

I sprayed them with about 3 coats of clear gloss, and they look very cute.  The pictures don't show the true color well, and the gloss coat makes them hard to photograph.  I would like to make some for the dresser in another room, but make them more geometric - polka dots and stripes, etc. 
I kindof promised my sister some for her son's room too - so eventually pictures of those will be included:)

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