April 5, 2010

Felt Flowers for Hair Bows

This felt flower is easy and beautiful! If you are new to making bows, I definitely suggest this one!
For a template, click here. I suggest printing the template onto cardstock.
Cut out the flower shapes.

Pin them to the felt color of your choice, and cut around the paper. You can re-use the template over and over again, just pin it to a new piece of felt.

Originally, I was tempted to trace around the template onto the felt, but anything you trace with will show on the felt even after you cut, and the cutting doesn't have to be exact to look good. Cutting around a piece of paper is fine.
There are 4 layers to the flower, not including the leaves.

Layers 1 and 2

Layer 3

Layer 4
Put the two green leaves at an angle that looks good to you. 
I didn't use any glue - because I don't like how it soaks through the felt.
It is held together with the button, sewn through the center.

On the back, I sewed either a snap button, or a snap clip, depending on how I wanted to use it.
For a headband, snap buttons make the flowers interchangeable. I made a stretchy band for my baby (modeled by my toddler), and a stiff headband for my toddler.
I also liked using the snap clip, because I don't always want to put a headband on my toddler.

These are a nice and easy way to add variety to my hair bow selection:) Or, you can also use the flower to embellish other things besides heads!
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