April 6, 2010

Photo/Memory/Ribbon/Cork/Fabric/French Board

I know, it's a long name - but I dont know what to call it!
I just made this as a gift for someone - my first try, and I am pretty happy with it!  Hopefully it will hold together.
The following is a detailed tutorial, including my formula for making the ribbons even (in case you are a perfectionist, like me).

1.  I purchased a 2' x 1.5' cork board.  I am sure you can use plywood, or foam board instead - but I chose cork board so that, in addition to have the ribbons hold things up, I could put these push pins in it as well. 

2.  Fabric needs to be a few inches wider and longer than the board.  For a board this size, with 5 cris-crossing ribbons as you see here, I used 6.5 yards of ribbon, and I was VERY frugal.  I would suggest getting about 8 yards just in case.  The spool of ribbon I bought came in 8 yards.  I also purchased the cheap cheap batting, and doubled it up.

3. Place the batting on the board, and the fabric over the batting, and turn the board over.  Work securing the fabric to the frame/edges of the board.  What you use to do this will be determined by what your board is made out of.  I don't have a nail gun, so that was out.  If I had had nails small enough, I would have used those.  All I had was push pins, so I hammered those into the wooden frame, and they seem to be holding fine.  I started in the middle of each side, and worked my way toward the corners, folding it like a present, and doing the best I could to make it even and fairly tight. 

4.  Next comes the tricky part...deciding where to place your ribbon.  I have made a series of detailed images to help explain my method.

a.  Measure your board along 2 sides and add those numbers together.  In my case 24" + 18" = 42".
b.  Divide that total by the number of ribbons you want going in one direction + 1.  In my case, I wanted 5 ribbons in each direction.  So I divided: 42" / 6 = 7". 
c.  Starting in the upper left hand corner, follow the board around the 2 sides, marking every 7" (or the number aquired in step b).  In the picture below, the red dots represent a mark every 7 inches.  You will do this following line 1 and then again following line 2.  As you round the corner, still measure a TOTAL of 7".  So, if there are 3" remaining along the top, continue down the side another 4" before making your mark.  The picture of the real board (below) shows this.

d. Attach your ribbons where the marks indicate.  Make sure they are tight. 
e. Now, make marks for the crossing ribbons.  To do this, you will start measuring from the bottom left corner.  Again, make marks every 7".  The red dots represent the marks for the 2nd set of ribbons (the crossing ones). 

f.  Attach your ribbons where the marks indicate. Make sure they are tight.

And that is it!  You are done!

Here is another one I made.  This one I sewed buttons - made from a coordinating fabric color - at the ribbon cross sections.  Since it was such a big board (24" x 36") this was the only way that pictures would stay in.  I also covered small unframed pieces of cork board with fabric in a complementing color to use with push pins next to it.  I attached those to the wall with double sided tape.

All covered: 
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  1. Box and Wrap is a great place to get ribbon for this project.