April 8, 2010

Photo Memory Board - Round 2 - Refrigerator Board!

I liked the way that my big memory board turned out, but I am giving it away as a gift.  It will hang in my friend's office at work, so I know she has room for it, but as I started thinking about my own little house, I couldn't imagine where I would hang such a big board.
That is when I thought about making one with magnets for my refrigerator!
This time, I used a small piece of foam board. 

It is very light weight, so that the magnets have no trouble holding up.  I made mine 13" x 11".
I cut a doubled up piece of batting to the same size, and a piece of fabric a few inches wider and taller.

 I was able to use a stapler, and pulled the fabric tight around the back, stapling it down, and folding the edges like a present.
I used my formula for figuring out where to place the ribbons, and stapled those down as well.
Finally, I glued 5 super strong rare earth magnets to the back.  I have a link on my home page to the place I purchased them from. 
Now, I have a fun, cute way to display photos, and I dont have to take up more wall space!

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