April 17, 2010

Mod Podge Clock with Fabric and Flowers

I found this blog post, and immediately fell in love!  I was in the middle of doing some major cleaning of the house (well, okay...I was taking a quick break) and thought - wow!  I have everything I need to do this...right now!  It didnt take long, and I instantly made my living room cuter.
Here is a before-ish picture:

I mod podged the clock frame, put down my fabric, and mod podged some more.  My edges are very bumpy (around the outside), because you can't easily lay fabric flat around a circle.  I can't tell in this lady's post if her edges are bumpy, but I think it adds to the charm. 

I sewed strips of coordinating fabric together to make my flowers have more color.  I also tore my strips of fabric, instead of cutting them, so that as I wound and twirled them into flowers, if the edges showed they were cute and frayed.  The tutorial I used for the flowers can be found here
 Quick, back to cleaning:)

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