November 20, 2011

Grateful Frame

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As I said before, I do not have many Thanksgiving decorations.  I make a huge dinner, don't get me wrong, but I always seem to just gloss over the holiday in general in between the excitement of Halloween and the magnitude of Christmas.  So, I have kept my eye out this year for a few things I could do to add to my Thanksgiving decor, and consequently, my Thanksgiving spirit.
When I saw this Grateful sign over at Catherina's Creative Corner I FELL IN LOVE!!!

This project combines the best of so many worlds.  It is easy.  It is meaningful.  It is simple and stylish

For the background, I used a brown paper bag, and I wrote on it with a fine point sharpie.  The {Grateful} was cut in vinyl with my Silhouette (although stickers would work for this if you don't have a cutting machine) and the frame was repurposed - brought to life with a little spray paint.

Each member of my family (including my little ones) sounded off things they were thankful for as I sat writing this out.  It was so fun!  I could envision making this a Thanksgiving day activity - because to be honest, I think I will keep this out all year!!  And perhaps next year, I will ask my family members again what they are thankful for, and we can make a new list to put in the frame. 

I have seen many ideas that involve having family members express what they are thankful for, and then displaying them, but this one was by far my favorite!!  And it looks so cute with my (humble but slowly expanding) Thanksgiving decor...

And just so you all know - I am Grateful for you too :)

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  1. I loved Catherina's {Grateful} sign too and made my own version too. Please stop by and check it out.
    I am grateful....sign

  2. Lindsay! It turned out BEAUTIFUL!
    It brings me such joy to see others making one of these, it really has been so wonderful :-)
    Thanks so much for making my DAY! ;-)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!