November 18, 2011

Yarn Ball Christmas Wreath

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Last spring, my daughter and I had fun making a wreath together for her bedroom door.  It's been there ever since - and we figured it was time for a new wreath, more fitting for the season :)

When I saw this wreath at Two Junk Chix, I fell in love!  Plus, it looked like something my daughter could help me make...

The whole thing is really simple - different colored yarn balls, and some sparkly Christmas decor all glued onto a wreath form.  The result is a great combination of textures and colors and we love it!

To save on yarn, we rolled up newspaper into balls in a bunch of different sizes, and used them as the middle of the yarn balls...

My daughter helped me wind the yarn until all the newspaper was covered...

Look how many we made!  And all this was less than 3 skeins of yarn (we didn't even use a full skein of each color)!
She is such a sweetie:)

For the wreath form, we used a piece of foam tubing from the plumbing department at the hardware store, just like I saw in this pin here on Pinterest.  Brilliant!

I contemplated spray painting the foam white, but the dark grey looks fine if you happen to catch a glimpse of it underneath.

With a glue gun, I glued the yarn balls on, trying to evenly spread the colors and interlock the sizes so that it looked good and full. I glued the yarn balls both to the wreath form, and to each other, but I was very careful to make sure strings and globs of glue didn't get anywhere that you could see them. 

I also let my daughter pick out some sparkly things from the floral section at the craft store to jazz up the wreath a little more.  We took these things all apart, and interspersed them throughout the wreath, hot gluing everything together. 

I absolutely love how it turned out!  The colors are warm and bright for the holiday season, and I really love when I can involve my kids in these kinds of crafts. 

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  1. This is such an an amazing wreath! I love the colors you chose!

    We are having a Home for the Holidays link party and would LOVE for you to join us!

  2. So pretty! I love all the yarn wreaths I am seeing out there. Yours looks fabulous! Would love you to come link up at my new link party Friday Frolic! It's new and could use some love:)

  3. i LOVE this idea! and it looks super easy... thanks for sharing!!

    new follower :)


  4. I L O V E this : )) Sooo creative and beautiful : )) .. I am officially your newest follwer.. I have a linky party happening for Christmas ornaments and I will LOVE for you to please share this lovely feature with me and my friends please : )) --lovely blog you have here.. Wishing you a great start to your week.. TY

  5. Congrats you made in the "SSTS" over at COM. WA-HOO! Thanks for all your talent. winks, jen

  6. What a great idea! I love this.

  7. cute! Glad you didn't spray paint the tubing...I tried it once and the paint ended up flaking ALL OVER and learn :)