November 26, 2011

Handmade Paper Bag Gift Tags

Yes, I went black Friday shopping :)  It was crazy, but fun, and I got a few Christmas gifts crossed off the list!  And since some of them are for out of state family, I started wrapping already! 
I realized as I was wrapping though, that I had no gift tags....
Then, I remembered seeing these gift tags here at Sugar Bee Crafts - made by The Gunny Sack.
I thought these were so clever!!!
And look how awesome my gift looks:

Would you believe that these are made with brown paper bags??  I love stuff like this.  Here are the images I printed onto the brown bag pages - including the "to" and "from" back side of the tag...

I cut them out by hand, matching a front and back piece together. 
I actually sewed my two pieces together - just matched up the paper, wrong sides together, and stitched around the edge. 
My stitch was set pretty wide, so that it didn't completely perforate the edge. 

Then, I punched a hole in each tag, and tied really long pieces of raffia through the hole, so that I could wrap them all the way around presents and tie them (instead of using ribbon).

Man, are they cute!!  I found a bunch of images online, and there are a million more you could find (I even made a few Hanukkah ones for my Jewish friends!).  I love adding another element of decoration to each gift - it makes it so festive :)
I hope you will go cut up a few brown paper bags and make some!  Your friends will be so impressed :)

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