November 5, 2011

Paint Stick/Paint Chip Color Matching Game

If you have kids - and are addicted to Pinterest, like me ;) - then you may have seen this pin floating around.
I thought it looked so clever, so I decided to make one for each of my girls.
This is one of those awesome projects that is quick, easy and FREEEEEE!!!  Okay - not quite free - but Really Inexpensive
All you need is a paint stirring stick (free), paint chips (also free), glue (really cheap), and clothes pins (also really cheap).  All the supplies came from the local hardward store.  The clothes pins were only $2.50 for about 30 of them. 

I painted the stir sticks white (totally optional) - and then used mod podge to glue the squares of paint chips to the stir stick (which I had cut to the size I wanted).  I glued the paint chips onto both sides of the stir stick (18 different colors in all), and a coordinating piece of each color paint chip to one side of a clothes pin. 
I left one end of the stir stick white - with no paint chips glued onto it - to use as a handle. 

I had to help my 2.5 year old squeeze the clothes pins open, but even my 4.5 year old loved matching the colors up.  I love having these kinds of activities to take in the car or to church, and if for any reason they get beat up, or clothes pins get lost, it is easy to make more!

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  1. Really cute. Love them on a paint stick! I made a similar version a couple weeks ago hut enlisted the help of my 7 and 5 year olds to color circles around a paper plate and the we had the almost 3 year old match them up.

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