November 23, 2011

Family Definition Vinyl on Vintage Window

Have I told you how much I love living in New England??  Mostly for the reasons you could imagine - but also for some reasons that only a crafter would consider :)

One of those crafty lady loves is trash day (and old houses).
Yes, I was rather giddy when I picked up this beautiful old window from the side of the road on trash day.  I now have about half a dozen in my basement - one other with a full, unbroken pane of glass like this one - others with 6 panes of glass - all with beautiful rough, shabby, peeling edges that make a girl like me swoon!

I have some ideas milling around in my head for the windows with multiple panes of glass, but this huge window with a big blank piece of glass (25" x 19"!) was just begging to have vinyl put on it (and of course, the vinyl can come off if I ever want to do something different).
I chose to put a sweet definition of family on the window...

And here it is propped on top of my piano (which I use pretty much like a mantle since I don't have a fireplace).

It is nearly impossible to photograph since the wall, frame and vinyl words are all white - but it looks beautiful, shabby, old, and it really makes me smile! 

So, I am curious, how many of you live in towns that have unlimited curb side trash pickup like we do, and just can't help but pick up "treasures" from the side of the road??  (Much to my husband's chagrin, even my 5 year old daughter hollers out, "Mom, a treasure!" when she sees wooden goodies on the road on trash day...I've trained her well :)  )
What kinds of things do you look for and pick up?

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  1. this is awesome! also, i am interested in buying one of those windows from you... when I drive around I never think to keep my eyes peeled. You are an inspiration!

    I have a different family definition I'd use: Family need not be defined merely as those with whom they share blood, but for those for whom they would give their blood.”-- from Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

  2. I had to stop by and check out your windows! Lol. This turned out fab and I love the quote done in vinyl. We just got a STASH of windows from our friend who owns a window business and we are pondering what to do with them all. Thanks for sharing this. I have scads pinned on my Pinterest board if you are ever interested!~

  3. Hi...I'm still figuring that email stuff out. Thanks for the thought. I goofed something up awhile back and I'm still straightening. It's a process :) Learning as I go.

    My Pinterest URL is as follows:

    Check into the Recreate board for windows...sorry it's a big board with a lot of inspiration for me and my handy husband. Looking forward to seeing some more of your projects on your site. It's nice to see others creating with "junk"!

  4. This is so pretty! I love the quote! If you have the time I would love for you to come link up to my party @ Hope to see you there!


  5. Hello - I love your window and the vinyl. But where do you get these vinyl quotes? Can you share your vendor and if there is a link? Thank you - Trish

  6. Hi Trish and Anonymous!
    Sorry I didn't respond sooner - I just got back into town :)
    I made those vinyl quotes myself, because I have a vinyl cutting machine.
    If you are interested in having me cut some for you, let me know the size, and I could give you a quote. Email me at