November 13, 2011

Places Painted Sign

My friend Ellen recently commissioned me to make her a sign.  She saw the idea here originally, to make a sign with the places you have lived - and she wanted one for her place. 
Isn't this such a cool idea?!

This is a great big piece of 18" x 24" piece of wood that I painted white with acrylic paint.
I used the same method as I did here on this sign, with vinyl lettering covering where I wanted to keep the white paint.

Here is a close up - you can see the pencil lines I used to make sure my words were straight...

Then, the whole thing got a few coats of black acrylic paint...

And the vinyl was pulled off to reveal the beautiful white letters...
Just a bit of touch up required, and then the whole thing got a few coats of protective spray. 
This is the first sign I have made that was really crisp... most of the ones I make are sanded and distressed.
I am really happy with the way it turned out - and so is my friend:)

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